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Virtual office in rotterdam at 
Westplein 12.

Westplein 12-14 - 3016 BM - Rotterdam - Noord-Holland
westplein 12
westplein 12 entrance
wesplein 12 workspace
Located in the prestigious Scheepvaartkwartier, near the Veerhaven, this virtual office space stands out within an environment that is generally known for its wealthy individuals and companies. This monumental-classic building with private parking offers a unique location for companies looking for an exclusive base in Rotterdam. The area exudes a special atmosphere that is both stately and inspiring, and is also within walking distance of various cafes, a supermarket and public transport, which makes the location ideal for entrepreneurs who want to grow within a close-knit community and support each other towards good luck.

This special building at Westplein 12 is not only recognized as a national monument by the Dutch State because of its architectural beauty, but it also tells a rich story through its history. The Scheepvaartkwartier, one of the few parts of Rotterdam to survive the bombings of the Second World War, offers an authentic old Dutch charm with its imposing villas. This historical background enriches the experience of working in an environment that is both meaningful and atmospheric. In addition to its historical value, the location is today a vibrant part of the city with cozy cafeterias and excellent accessibility to public transport, making it not only a place of work, but also a place where history and contemporary entrepreneurship come together.

Prices & Terms
12 months from: €89.00/month
6 months from: €105.00/month
3 months from: €120.00/month
1 month from: €135.00/month
*the amount will be invoiced for the full contract term ahead.

Included and additional benefits with a virtual office at Westplein 12.

Business registration adress (CoC)
An address for your company's registration without a physical office.
Mail processing/forwarding service
Weekly scan in, pick up or forward. Forwarding costs extra postage fee.
Co-working day pass 50% discount
Work for €10,- per day on office days at this location.
Meeting rooms 50% discount
Rent a meeting room from €20,- per hour.
Additional entity/holding registration 50% discount
Register additional entities at a discount.

Additional services at Westplein 12.

Business (local) phone number Add-on
Helps providing a local telephone number for business communications. You can get a phone number from €5,- per month.
Telephone answering/transfer service Add-on
Answers and/or transfers incoming calls according to company preferences.
Office space
Are you looking for office space that is flexible and professional for both occasional and permanent use? Then consider the office spaces at Westplein 12. Ideal for both start-ups and established businesses, these spaces provide the perfect environment for a productive workday. You can rent space here for a day or opt for a permanent workspace. Discover the possibilities for your business to flourish in a comfortable and professional setting, without the focus on technologies. Experience how this location contributes to an inspiring atmosphere conducive to creativity and growth.

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